“While in the Rising Above Program I learned a great deal of new ways to go about finding my ideal job situation. I learned how to prioritize my smart goals, make a viable plan to accomplish those goals, realized my ideal job objectives and learned how to write a proper cover letter, resume and JIST card. Maurice helped me find the missing tools that I needed and also instilled confidence in me to believe in myself to go out and get the job that I want and deserve.

I would like to thank Maurice Stevens and the Rising Above Program for giving me all this information to use as a stepping stone that will help me accomplish all my goals in life.”

Colville Jones

“This has been one of the most positive things that I have ever been involved in. Mr. Stevens is a great instructor and most of all he is a great motivator and person. I am truly glad that I met him.”

Terran Wilson

“I have had a great experience in this class. I have learned a lot which I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Mr. Maurice Stevens is an excellent teacher and very inspirational. I have learned to over exceed the limitations which are of the mind. There are no limits! I would not take back any day spent in this class! It was all worthwhile.”


Anthony Otis

“My name is Michael D. Smith and I’m appreciative I joined this program with Maurice Stevens and I highly recommend it for anyone seeking knowledge on seeking employment.”

Michael D. Smith

Mr. Stevens combined a motivational and engaging training style with a structured and pragmatic content delivery that was essential to our success in taking our Job Readiness program to a new level.  He also showed considerable skill in facilitating a service delivery change process with different stakeholders in our Workforce Development system.  Highly recommended.

Bill Wedemeyer, Program Support Analyst,

San Francisco Workforce Development, HSA

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