Community Rehabilitation Program


Expert Reclaim, a social enterprise venture formed in 2012 by CDPS Inc. and the first of its kind in Cuyahoga County, offers workforce development and on-the-job training programs to assist those recently released from prison or on probation. It was one of three Transformation Enterprises selected for start-up funding from The Cleveland Foundation and the Cuyahoga County Office of Reentry. The venture provides constructions trades training in home renovation, vacant property management, landscaping and residential/commercial cleaning.

Every year, between 5,000 and 7,000 individuals return to Cuyahoga County from Ohio’s prisons, and many experience difficulties transitioning back into society. In fact, about 70% of all recidivism occurs within the first year of release of prison—a reason advocates of Expert Reclaim support ushering these individuals back to work as soon as possible upon their release.

Participants come to Expert Reclaim through a variety of channels including court referral and word of mouth. They undergo an intensive assessment and career counseling process to map out which trade is the best fit for them and participate in a 4-week life skills class.

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Expert Reclaim has established a highly successful network of partners including private sector companies and the Cuyahoga Land Bank for the hands-on skills training portion of the program. Since the Land Bank has a vast portfolio of uninhabited properties in need of Expert Reclaim’s services, it has been a highly valued partner in the venture. Additionally, several private contractors have served as site supervisors, benefiting from the labor and providing a real-world training ground for the re-entrants in skilled trades’ craftsmanship.

All participants receive OSHA training and their own tools. Expert Reclaim nurtures the entrepreneurial ambitions of qualifying participants by providing specific training geared towards launching their own business.

Once their hands-on training is complete, many Expert Reclaim participants are placed in employment with an affiliate, such as the Cleveland Housing Network, to provide a specific service. Some participants are hired on as permanent employees.

Jobs created through the program are living wage, sustainable, and provide an industry recognized certification.

Serving Ohio | Expert Reclaim

50 new jobs creating over $130k in payroll taxes to the community

650+ Tons of Waste and Debris removed and properly disposed


Over $500k of community revitalization

12 Homes Renovated in 12 Months

30 vacant properties serviced per month by Expert Reclaim

300 Homes Cleaned in 12 months

32,000 lbs. of recycled construction materials diverted from landfill

24 Homes deconstructed in 12 months 

200 lawns serviced per month by Expert Reclaim


  • Goal Setting

  • Life Planning

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • Team Building

  • Skills Identification

  • Manage Adversity

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Applications

  • Resumes & Cover Letters

  • Job Follow Up

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Answering Problem Questions

  • Financial Literacy

  • Money Management

  • Rent vs. Own

  • Collateral Sanctions

  • Entrepreneurship 101

  • OSHA 10 – Health and Safety Training & Certification

  • Entrepreneurship 201

  • Business Planning & Development

  • Marketing Strategies for Success

  • Guest Speakers

  • Open Discussions

  • Employer Expectations

  • Most Effective Job Search Methods & The OOH

  • Networking for Success

  • Fatherhood and Family Dynamics

  • Child & Human Development

  • Courthouse Navigation / Pro Se

  • Child Support and Mediation Awareness Services

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