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CDPS: Carpentry and Building Trades Training


Career Development and Placement Strategies

Career Development and Placement Strategies Inc. (CDPS) provides workforce and personal development programs designed to serve individuals with promoting current and developing new skills. We provide workshops to enhance the job skills of our clients in Ohio.

Our services enhance chances of success in current employment as well as transitioning to employment. We have the capacity to serve currently employed (staff development), unemployed, downsized, underemployed, and individuals formerly incarcerated. CDPS is a 501(c)(3) organization with experience and passion for regenerating human resources.


“We provide workforce development, personal development, and skill training with the purpose of
enhancing one’s personal management skills while promoting economic stability and self-sufficiency.”


To improve equality of life by igniting one of the largest economically disadvantaged-led movements for social responsibility.


CDPS | Career Development and Placement Strategies

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Akron Office

Carpentry & Building Trades Training
330-807-6831 or 330-687-6129
221 Beaver Street
Akron, Ohio 44304

Cleveland Office
3631 Perkins Avenue, Suite 3C East Cleveland, Ohio 44114