Programs / Classes

CDPS Carpentry and Building Trades Training

Provides classroom and hands-on training designed to introduce students to the core group of skills in drywall
framing, material selection and handling, drywall construction, and finishing.

Certified trades instruction will prepare successful students with the skills necessary for entry to mid-level jobs in the construction trades.

The Rising Above Program (formerly rising tide)

Was founded to assist fathers in learning to accept and fulfill their parental responsibilities.

The program also helps  individuals with a range of issues from preparing for the job market, addressing child support issues and gaining employment upon release from incarceration.

Expert Reclaim

Offers workforce development and on-the-job training programs to assist those recently released from prison or on probation.  

The program provides constructions trades training in home renovation, vacant property management, landscaping and residential & commercial cleaning.

Career/Personal Development & Life Skills

  • Goal Setting

  • Life Planning

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • Team Building

  • Skills Identification

  • Manage Adversity

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Applications

  • Resumes & Cover Letters

  • Job Follow Up

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Answering Problem Questions

  • OSHA 10 – Health and Safety Training & Certification

  • Marketing Strategies for Success

  • Guest Speakers

  • Open Discussions

  • Employer Expectations

  • Most Effective Job Search Methods & The OOH

  • Networking for Success

  • Fatherhood and Family Dynamics

  • Child Support and Mediation Awareness Services

  • Marketing Strategies for Success

  • Guest Speakers

  • Open Discussions


Entrepreneurship      Money Management     Workforce Development

Entrepreneurship      Money Management     Workforce Development

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