“The Cuyahoga County, Office of Reentry in partnership with The Cleveland Foundation is delighted to have supported the efforts of Career Development and Placement Strategies in the creation of the Expert Reclaim, Inc., Social Enterprise. This new innovative Social Enterprise has been in direct alignment with the goals and objectives of The Greater Cleveland Re-Entry Strategy Leadership Coalition. We salute the efforts of Expert Reclaim Inc., under the magnificent leadership of Maurice Stevens. During the last seven years this new organization served as a catalyst in the creation of new jobs in the areas of deconstruction& upcycling, asbestos abatement, home rehabilitation and vacant property cleaning. The mere fact that individuals that previously were not given a Second Chance was instrumental in creating an incentive for those returning citizens to Cuyahoga County and their ability to earn a sustainable livable wage. We believe that organizations such as Expert Reclaim Inc., will continue to provide cutting edge projects for individuals that historically have been disfranchised and we look forward to future endeavors in jobs creation.

Luis Vazquez, Program Director, Office of Reentry

“CDPS, Inc. has proven to be a premier workforce development organization in Cuyahoga County, the State of Ohio and nationwide. Maurice and his team has provided quality service to thousands of participants in the Fatherhood Initiative Program. We are proud to have them as one of the extended organizations of the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative

Al Grimes, Director, Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative

“The Cleveland Foundation is pleased to have supported the efforts of Career Development and Placement Strategies in the creation of the Expert Reclaim Social Enterprise.Over the past two years, under the leadership of Maurice Stevens, the organization has created a venue for skill development,paid training opportunities and job creation to nearly 50 residents in Cuyahoga County. We applaud the success of CDPS/Expert Reclaim as they have clearly made a contribution to economic development in the Greater Cleveland area. We look forward to a continued collaboration in the future”


Lisa Bottoms, The Cleveland Foundation

“Career Development and Placement Strategies, has assisted the Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation with pioneering its workforce development programs. Maurice Stevens and his team helped to structure the initiation of our programming. CDPS’s partnership afforded the Land bank the opportunity to assist 12 men in developing new skills in the construction/carpentry trades. Those skills have proven to be very beneficial in paving the way for these men to become successful in transitioning to employment with other organizations in the Greater Cleveland area. Additionally, the Social Enterprise “Expert Reclaim” (a company started under CDPS) has made a tremendous contribution to our community revitalization efforts by properly disposing of several tons of unwanted debris in abandoned homes throughout our communities. During that process they have created nearly over 20 jobs to their newly trained and productive citizens in our community. We salute the efforts of CDPS and Expert Reclaim for their exemplary work in Cuyahoga County. We look forward to continuing to partner with their organization and expand upon the economic development model that they have created.”


Gus Frangos, President, Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation

“A lot of people are grateful for being given a second chance. A lot are motivated to prove to employers they are worth that and can show up and be a good employee. They want to change their past behavior and be a productive citizen.”


Mary Kelley, Programmatic Services Coordinator,

Cuyahoga County Office of Reentry

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